Punta Cana Tour Guide: Food, Stay, Must Visit Attractions & Tips

Punta Cana Tour Guide

In this Punta Cana tour guide, I’ll talk about the tips to travel cost-efficiently in the Punta Cana city of the major attraction city of the Dominican republic.

Food, Stays, Mountains, Beaches, Historical Places, Public Transport, and hidden gems all will be discussed in this Punta Cana Tour Guide.

Before we begin on this Guide I have to clear that this guide is based upon my travel I haven’t traveled all over the Dominican republic but Punta Cana And how I traveled all will be discussed here.

How To Get To The Dominican Republic By Flight

Most Of the countries don’t have direct flights to this country if you are from India Australia or any European country you have to take an indirect flight via New York.

New York Operates flights nearly from all over the world, but if your nearest airport doesn’t operate flights directly for new york or the Dominican Republic, you can search on the booking website.

Cheap Stays In Punta Cana

As we told you that we’ll tell Punta Cana Tour Guide all related things. The Dominican Republic is not for backpackers if you have a good budget then you can go for hotels. On the beach, options are very costly at least 200$ room which is not acceptable if you are a backpacker.

Car Rentals In Punta Cana Tour Guide

Car rental is an easy and fast way to explore your favorite destinations in a short time, For longer rides or untouched places experience you must book a car on rent You can book cars for 10$/day.

People measure petrol in gallons instead of liters there are 3.78541 liters in one gallon you can buy petrol at $4.25 per gallon.

Avoid muddy rural roads while traveling in Punta Cana heavy cars or cars heaving less ground clearance sometimes stocks in the muddy surface while offroading or on beach or mountain region.

Vegetarian Food In Punta Cana
Vegetarian Food In Punta Cana

Punta Cana Vegetarian Restaurants

There are various options for non-vegetarians in the Dominican Republic but if you are vegetarian you have to cook food by yourself or you can eat Mexican dishes like chimichangas, Mexican fried rice, Mexican Tacos, Chilli Bean Quesadillas, etc.

Pranama, AmaLuna Vegan Restaurant & Lab & Balicana Asian Food are some vegetarian restaurants to enjoy some Asian vegetarian food if you have enough money and a good budget to travel.

Transport Options In Punta Cana

If you are taking a resort on Punta Cana beach we don’t recommend you to go so far because that same beach heave relaxing chairs everywhere nothing else special is going on other sides.

On the other hand, if you want to travel to the hidden places of Punta Cana or somewhere else in the Dominican republic we recommend taking a card on rent that is available for $10/day.

Local Gua Gua “Buses” are also another and cheapest transport option in Punta Cana this is like a local bus service or intercity bus service in Dominican republic you can go among cities like Santo Domingo to Punta Cana or vice-versa.

Motoconchos are like bike taxi which starts from $3 minimum they’ll drop you everywhere on any narrow place farthest beach or some hidden palaces where public transport is not possible.

But we strongly recommend not to do that because of safety reasons most of the motorbikes don’t have an extra helmet for you for your safety that is not fair in another country.

Vegetarian Restaurants In Punta Cana

There are Many Vegetarian Restaurants to grab some cultural food or local vegetarian food here are some restaurants to get Your Tummy full of veggie dishes.

  • AmaLuna Vegan Restaurant & Lab
  • Pranama
  • Balicana Asian Food
  • Pastrata Mexican Restaurants
  • SBG Punta Cana
  • Yao Asian Cuisine
  • Little John At Juanillo Beach
  • Onno’s Punta Cana /Bavaro
  • Herman 311 Bar & Restaurant

Indian Restaurants In Punta Cana

  • Bhogali
  • Prannama
  • Little John At Juanillo Beach
  • Onno’s Punta Cana /Bavaro

Shopping Places & Malls In Punta Cana

  • BlueMall Punta Cana
  • Plaza San Juan Shopping Center
  • Palma Real Shopping Village

Things To Do In Punta Cana

Punta Cana Is A beautiful beach city on Dominican Island you can do some interesting and joyful activities like the list given below.

  • Spending Time On White Sand Blue Water Beaches
  • Spend Time in Punta Espada Golf Course
  • Sightseeing At Altos de Chavón
  • Cruise Sailing And Water Tours
  • Picture Perfect Day Trip To Saona Island
  • Punta Cana Boat Tours
  • Gold Sports At La Cana Golf Course
  • Sightseeing of Naturam Wonder Scape Park at Cap Cana (Hoyo Azul)
  • Hiking At Indigenous Ecological Parks

Punta Cana Vlogs Mountain Trekker Guide

Varun Vagish is a travel blogger from India he has a youtube channel named mountain trekker on youtube with nearly one million subscribers.

If you want to travel Dominican republic or punta cana you can watch his vlogs of Punta Cana with The Pranama Restaurant owner with all Hindi Guide.

Here is one of his videos from the Punta Cana Tour Guide.

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