Rohtak Tour Guide: Best Tourist Places in Rohtak

Before you consider the list of Tourist Places in Rohtak Lemme highlight some important things that this city is famous for in this region?

Why you have to visit the places we’ll describe in this list and how you can manage your budget and some tips to enhance your travel experience of this popular city in the Asian Continent. Before we get started let’s know some History about this Place.

Rohtak History

It is said that Rohtak’s name is taken from Raja Rohtash but Archeologists say that this was an ancient town named Rohitika that is now Rohtak. Rohitika is an ancient name of ancient sites along with Khokhrakot which is a nearby excavation site.

Rohtak is a major grain and trade center of Haryana most of the cereals and grains being transported to all the Country parts via the capital city of India.

Why is Rohtak Famous?

Many reasons make Rohtak a popular tourist place in Haryana. There are many popular things in the Rohtak Cloth market is one of them is there are some popular hotels lakes.

Rohtak Facts

1.You can eat one of the Biggest Parantha (Really BIG) available in India.

2.You can visit a place called “Germany” which is basically a network of roads that is actually quite different and exceptional as compared to normal roads.

3.Rohtak has Asia’s biggest Cloth Market. (Shori Market)

4.Rohtak is the Education Hub of Haryana.

5.We have special PINK AUTOS for women which are driven by women.Cool right?

What are beautiful Tourist Places in Rohtak?

Now let’s jump into the list of beautiful tourist places or beautiful tourist attractions in Rohtak.

1. Tilyar Lake Rohtak

tilyar lake rohtak

beautiful Tourist Places in Rohtak?

Tilyar Lake One of the major tourist attractions in Rohtak on the Delhi Fazilka highway. Most of the visitors come here from Delhi and nearby parts of Haryana.

Tilyar Zoo is also nearby to this having an entry fee of 10 rupees for adults and 5 rupees for children. You can easily access this place anywhere from Haryana.

Rohtak is the main transport hub to reach any corner of Haryana. If you are coming from any metro city of India you can reach by flights train or Interstate buses.

This 132-acre land has many lawns parks and eye relaxing sceneries. As it attracts tourists from all over India.

Why Is Tilyar lake Famous?

This Lake is famous among couples for makeout and normal weekend people who are searching for a place to spend with family.

How to Get to Tilyar Lake?

Tilyar lake is an easily accessible way of Delhi Fazilka Highway. You can take a bus or taxi from Delhi or Delhi to hisar bus. that will drop you at Rohtak Tilyar Zoo and lake both are on main Delhi Rohtak road.

2. Tilyar Mini Zoo

tilyar mini zoo

beautiful Tourist Places in Rohtak?

Tilyar mini zoo is also a popular tourist attraction in the main Rohtak. Most of the locals and other nearby tourists come here to see wild animals like black monkeys tiger deer and other endangered species.

They kept them securely and taking care of them so they can survive for a long time. If you are in Rohtak you can also visit this place. That is totally up to you if you like waterparks bars but some people are more of nature and greenery person they can put it in their list.

Why Is Tilyar Mini Zoo Famous?

Tilyar Mini Zoo is famous for unseen wild animals Haryanvi region has mostly farming land they haven’t seen any wild animals as they can be seen only in mountain and forest regions. To make calm the curiosity of people for unseen wild animals this is a zoo is made.

3. Splash Water World Rohtak

splash waterpark rohtak

beautiful Tourist Places in Rohtak?

Summer and Monsoon are jewels of nature monsoon covers up the land with a green blanket new orchids flowers start blooming. Haryana is famous for its name which means greenery.

In Summers most of the people visit water parks beaches and outdoor activities like swimming and other water sports,

If you are in Rohtak you can consider this enjoyable place in Rohtak, This waterpark has many things to do this is not only a water park you can enjoy a toy train ride and other activities for children.

4. Asthal Bohar Math & BMU

Asthal Bohar Math & BMU

Asthal Bohar Math was established by Chauranginath Ji in the 8th century after that 8 new mahants were appointed. Chandnath also built and established BABA Mastnath University In Rohtak. Now the currently appointed Mahant is Mahant Balaknath.

This Math is famous for a long time Dera Baba Kala Pir Math is also connected historically and by Nathas Culture. Most of the tourists come here from India Rohtak Locals and people from Haryana.

5. Bhindawas Lake & Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhindawas Lake & Wildlife Sanctuary

beautiful Tourist Places in Rohtak?

This lake becomes a major attraction because the birds come in millions from other countries during the migratory season. Most of the birds travel without a single break. The largest traveling birds came here in the summers.

Sightseeing of kingfishers, peacocks, bulbuls, common hoopoe, Greater Cormorants, purple swamp hens makes a beautiful sight in lake Bhindawass.

As this is a Bird sanctuary you will see tons of birds during this season this place is a great picnic and Sunday spot for bird lovers and selfie lovers who loved to take selfies with clean and calming sunset.

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