Dera Baba Kala Pir Koth Kalan

Dera Baba Kala Pir Koth Kalan

If you have ever listen the name “Mahakumbh” then you know that what does it mean. Kumbh means Aquarius this word has many different meanings like Jar Pot in Sanskrit.

Baba Kala Pir Mela will be a new thing to you. In Vedic culture there is the term Mahakumbh Mela means a religious social gathering.

Last year in Koth Kalan Yogi Sukrainath organized a mahakumbh again this year on 19-20-21 march a huge crowded gathering Fair is being organized under the supervision of Mahant Sukrainath.

This Koth Mahakumbh is being organized in memory of Immortal Baba Kala Pir known as Baba Kala Pir Smriti Mela 2021 or Koth Mahakumbh.

Dera Baba Kala pir is one of the most worshipped places in Haryana’s Hisar district.

Banbhori Mata Mandir & Dera Baba Kala Pir is nearby to each other These Villagers organize these religious fairs.

Peoples contribute by money and their golden time to enhance the fraternity among people.

There is no crowd extent this time in This Koth Mahakumbh. Previous year Lakhs of devotees came to join this gathering.

When is Baba Kala Pir Mela Koth Mahakumbh

This Mela is being organized on 19-21 march 2021 in the Holy land of Shree Baba Kala Pir Ji Maharaj. All the residents of India and other countries are invited to this Mela to propagate the companionship of social brotherhood.

Things to do in Koth Mahakumbh

baba kala pir dera

Dera Baba Kala Pir Mela

As this place is popular for Baba Kala Pir Tomb by this reason most of the people come here for a religious tour. Like other Dargah’s and temples this place is also popular among devotees. They pray to This Holy ground and Tomb to fulfill their wishes.

But on The Day of Koth Mahakumbh, You can do many activities like Mechanical swing rides, horse riding Can enjoy the local food of Haryanvi culture and Yepp! religious offerings by Dera baba Kala pir.

You can buy handmade home decor items, pottery, handmade piggy banks antique showpieces, Portraits of Baba Kala Pir & Holy Place Baba Kala Pir Portraits are not available online you can Buy Those from a local Distributor if you want any one of those makes a call here.

How to get to Dera Baba Kala Pir

There are various ways to reach Dera Baba Kala pir you are coming from the far side of India Delhi Mumbai Or Kolkata you can take a flight for Hisar Ambala or Delhi Dera Baba Kala Pir Is 150 Kilometers from Delhi airport and 65 KM from Hisar airport.

Nearest Airport To Koth Kalan

Hisar is the nearest airport to the village Koth Kalan you can take a bus from Hisar to Gaibipur(Kinner Old Name) And you have to ask for a lift from Kinnar Mod or you can hire a private taxi from Kheri Chopta. Timely bus services are available on this route you have to ask the locals.

Nearest Railway Station To Koth Kalan

Barsola is the nearest railway station to the Koth Kalan but if you are coming to Koth Kalan Uchana Or Jind Will be the best option for you to get easy transport services for Koth Kalan. From Jind, You Can take a timely-based Cruiser service that operates hourly basis.

Dera Baba Kala Pir On Maps

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