8 Best Tourist Places in Hisar 2022

Hisar is one of the most famous cities in Haryana. There are many Popular Tourist Places in Hisar. There are famous food in Hisar And places for couples in hisar you can visit on a weekend.

Where is Hisar?

Hisar is located in Haryana state in India. Basically, Hisar is 3 hr 22 min (166.5 km) away from Delhi The Capital of India that is also one of the most famous tourist places in India if you are coming to India most of the foreign tourists land in Delhi,

If you want to visit Delhi at the cheapest you Must-Follow Tips To Travel Delhi on a budget of $30. If You follow the map you can easily reach hisar by bus train or you can book a taxi for comfort.

hisar to delhi distance

Delhi distance from hisar

There are a lot of things to know about hisar city. Here we’ll tell you Everything if you want to know anything about hisar tourist attractions famous places to live in hisar or the best restaurants for couples in hisar.

Tourist Places in Hisar

At first, we will stat our Top Tourist Places in Hisar List So keep your eyes on your screen and enjoy! the list.

1. Rakhi Garhi (Archeological Mound)

Rakhi Garhi (Archeological Mound)

Rakhi Garhi (Archeological Mound)

Rakhi Garhi is a famous attraction nowadays. Rakhi Garhi is supposed to be a 5000 years old civilization excavated place in hisar.

Rakhi Garhi is a fully inhabited village. That is located about 50 km away from hisar. Rakhi Garhi is famous for being the oldest clue excavation of Harappan and Indus valley civilization.

>>Is Rakhi Garhi Has Museum

Yes, Rakhi Garhi is Building a museum for the oldest Harappan site. As this is gonna be a very famous tourist attraction in the upcoming days that is why the Haryana government started the Construction work 2 years ago.

>>Which is the largest Harappan site?

Rakhi Garhi is the largest Harappan site in the Indian subcontinent this is a settled village near Narnaund block in hisar District

>>Who destroyed Indus Valley civilization?

According to one theory by British archaeologist Mortimer Wheeler, a nomadic, Indo-European tribe, called the Aryans, suddenly overwhelmed and conquered the Indus River Valley.

>>Which is Nearest River to Rakhi Garhi

Ghaggar is the nearest river to Rakhi Garhi But the oldest river Indus river is about 400km from Rakhi Garhi that is Now In Pakistan

>>Is Rakhi Garhi Museum Open for Tourism

No Rakhi Garhi Museum is officially not open for tourists You Can Visit yourself at the site. But you cannot dig there or you can’t do anything which can harm that historical place.
Rakhi Garhi (Archeological Mound)

Koth Kalan map

Dera baba Kala pir is one of the most Worshipping places in Koth Kalan village hisar. This is basically an ancient tomb of baba Kala pir.

A historic ideal person of Koth Kalan who has a great role in the establishment of village Koth Kalan.

This is a great and beautiful structure. made by mahant Sukrainath’s Guru Mahant Nandainath.

Mahant Nandainath was Ex-Mahant of this Dera baba kala pir koth kalan. Now since 2018 Mahant sukrainath is the Mahant of this dera.

A huge gathering takes place here in a form of a fair. In 2019 the biggest national gathering was done here by mahant sukrainath.

It was small compared to other fairs like Mahakumbh but it wasn’t small yet. Sadhus (Monks) came here from all over India to join this fair.

There was a Bhandara or holy offering in that fair so devotees who came from the far side of India can feed themselves.

3. Firoz Shah Palace Complex

Firoz Shah Palace Complex

Firoz Shah Palace Complex is one of the top tourist places in Hisar and was built by Firoz Shah Tuglaq the sultan of Delhi in(1351-1388 AD). The palace is built of rubble masonry covered with thick lime plaster.

This palace is an ancient structure of 2,3 story buildings. The Palace consists of a mosque and underground apartments and deewan-e-aam a palace for his wife.

in 1354 Firoz shah stayed at hisar to supervision the construction of this palace. The construction material or stones to build the protection wall were brought from narsai hills in Mahender Garh another district city in Haryana.

It was protected by a protection moat means a deep pit (Dry or Filled with water)

4. Assigarh fort (Fort of Prithviraj Chauhan)Hansi

Assigarh fort (Fort of Prithviraj chauhan)Hansi

Asigarh fort (Fort of Prithviraj Chauhan)Hansi

Aligarh Fort or Prithviraj Chauhan Qila is situated at the eastern bank of Amti lake in Hansi town of Haryana, India. It consists of near about 30 acres of land.

In that days this fort was being used to power over 80 forts. This fort was built by the Raja Harshvardhan dynasty but used by many kings in history.

Later it was being controlled by independent European adventurers, the Delhi sultanate, Maratha Empire, and British RajJat Sikhs.

It is very famous among Muslims of Haryana and India because of Char Qutub Dargah. Most of the people come here because of Char Qutub Dargah.

In prime time 8th to 12th century, it was being ruled by Tomara Dynasty. Prithviraj Chauhan was the last Hindu ruler of this fort.

After Prithviraj Mehmood Gajnavi came into power after Prithviraj Chauhan has been defeated in 1192. after these happenings, Sikhs and British colonial have ruled here.

57 bronze images of Jain Tirthankaras a statue of buddha and before christ’s period coins were found during the excavation of this fort.

5. OP Jindal Park

OP Jindal Park hisar

OP Jindal Park

OP Jindal Tower has a huge iron structure and one of the highest points in hisar where you can take a one-eye look at hisar city.

Jindal Tower is a part of OP Jindal Park Where you can feel the story of another iron man Omprakash Jindal.

Who has established the giant iron and steel company Jindal PVT?Ltd He was a farmer of Haryana.

After the huge success of his business Jindal PVT.Ltd has built many parks and towers by taking note of the Haryanvi culture of farming and going to the Indian army to serve the motherland.

Omprakash Jindal has his own inspiring story of being a leading businessman from a farmer in Haryana.

There is a small collection of farming tools and tractors used by Omprakash Jindal for farming during his prime time.

6. Gujri Mahal

Gujri Mahal

Gujri mahal hisar

This Gujri Mahal also is a part of the Firoz Shah Palace Complex. This was built by Firoz Shah Tuglaq for his begum Gujri.

Gujri Mahal and Firoz shah Palace Complex are at one place facing each other. There was a vanished Islamic garden between the palace and palace complex.

Which is now been rebuilt by Jindal Private Limited owners with the name Jindal Park.

Gujri was a local of hisar. When she refused to accompany Firoz shah to the throne at Delhi. Then he builts Gujri Mahal for her.

And also built another personal palace complex around it. These are built by irregular size stones which are called barsh.

Most of the area of Gujri Mahal Garden is now occupied by locals and built place with new residences.

This was a 2 story building along with one underground basement that is now remained but in a destroyed-like situation.

This remaining area is preserved by archeological survey of India.

7. Agroha Dhaam

Agroha Dhaam

Agroha Dhaam is basically a Hindi Goddess Mahalaxmi Temple. There are three sides to this temple.

The middle was for Goddess Mahalakshmi western side is for Saraswati and the eastern wing is for Maharaja Agarsen.

A mahamela (Great festival gathering) has been held every year. At the end of the monsoon season.

On this occasion, many divine pairs like shiv Parvati Shri Krishan Radha have been worshipped by devotees.

This is a beautiful place where most of the videographers and marriage organizers shoot prewedding videos.

That is an amazing place for theists who love to worship and have faith and interest in ancient culture and heritage sites.

8. Banbhori Mata Mandir

Banbhori Mata Mandir

Banbhori is basically a village in Haryana. It is mainly famous for the banbhori Mata or Maa Banbhori temple.

Maa Banbhoori temple is an ancient place in Haryana. it is being worshipped for a decade.

It is a Durga Mata or Goddess Durga temple. Which became very popular across Haryana’s faithful people.

A great gathering and fair are organized every year on the occasion of chatth pooja during Navratri.

Because the banbhori temple is mainly of Maa Durga that is why in Navratri maa Durga has been worshipped by devotees.

A great fair is also organized every year on the chatth occasion. There you can buy every Cultural handmade thing and other stuff about Haryana.

There are dharmshalas to stay at night if you are a traveler or you are from another district state or country you can take a stay there for a night.

Not many things to offer there but you can get a decent room at the cheapest living cost.

You can reach Banbhori by bus or “tampoo” or a local taxi service. Their buses are available at organized timings you can avail for a bus at cheapest prices.

Haryana roadways operate on every root from banbhori you can come banbhori from Uchana which is another town in Haryana in the Jind district or you can catch a bus from barwala.

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