7 Best Tourist Places in Jind or Nearby 2022

When you get bored usually do some outings and go somewhere which is in your interest, If you are from Jind. Do you know what are the best tourist places in jind or nearby?

If you don’t have an idea that where you could go or travel nearby jind. Then you are in right place. It’s fun when wandering in search of new places nearby where I can visit and take some knowledge of our nearby places’ culture and history.

If you are curious like me who wants to know where I can travel nearby jind. Happy!! I have a list for you so you can find some places and choose one of them to visit next weekend. So let’s take you into the list

1. Bhuteshvara Temple or Rani Talab

Rani Talab jind

Best Tourist Places in Jind Rani Talab

 King Raghbir Singh was the ruler of Jind it is constructed by him. It is a replica of the Golden Temple Amritsar. King Raghbir was not allowed to go to The Golden Temple So that he constructed this temple in the middle of jind.

It is said that Queen comes here to take bath via a tunnel that is why it is named “Rani Talab”. This Was also known as Sahi Pul during those days. It is a historic place that has given light to Haryana’s history. is also famous because a 70s movie Pavitra Paapi was shooted on this temple.

If you ever have listened to the song “Teri Duniya Se Hoke Majboor Chala” that song was shot on Rani Talaab and the last scene of this song was shot at Jind Junction Railway Station.

There is a temple in this Talaab which was used to worship by the Queen of jind at a time. There is a long tunnel that is connected to the Palace so that Queen can go directly to the palace after taking bath without any public interaction.

2. Dhamtan Sahib

Dhamtan Sahib gurudwara

Dhamtan Sahib

Dhamtan is a village situated in Jind district Narwana tehsil area on Tohana Road. Dhamtan is famous for its manji Sahib gurudwara.

It is believed that the 9th Sikh guru teg bahadur Singh stayed here at a time. This fort structure gurudwara is built-in Teg Bahadur Ji’s Memory. Dhamtan sahib’s name came was a new name derived from Dharmsthan old name of this village. it is believed that Rishi Valmiki had his ashram here.

3. Dera Baba peer Hansdehar

Dera Baba peer Hansdehar

Dera Baba peer Hansdehar

Hansdehar is a temple popular for Rishi Kardam who did Tapasya for many years. It is believed Lord Brahma & Krishna came to meet Rishi Kardam on Goose.

When Rishi kardam was marrying Lord Krishna came to join there. This place is being worshipped on every Amavasya. This is also told by villagers that this village is also connected with Ramayana’s story.

4. Dada Nagdev Mandir (Ghogrian)

Dada Nagdev Mandir (Ghogrian)

Dada Nagdev Mandir (Ghogrian)

Dada Nagdev History

There is a story behind Dada Nagdev Mandir that a lady gave birth to a twin but the miracle was that there was a snake one of them. That lady gave birth to a snake.

One day that snake & baby were sleeping in a hammock because they both were brothers according to that famous story. The lady (Mother of Snake & Baby) was out of the house. She went to get water.

Then a mongoose entered the room, the snake killed that mongoose to save the child from the mongoose. Snake’s mouth was soaked op with mongoose blood, then on the time child’s maternal uncle came to the house. When the mother was absent, the Maternal Uncle of those twins was scared to see that snake has killed the baby.

Because there was blood all around the baby. But he didn’t know it, and he killed the snake. That baby and snake both had a single soul according to the story, when the maternal uncle killed the snake baby also died. After that day that saver snake is being worshipped by people and villagers. They build a temple for that snake which is now known as Dada Nagdev.

5. Pindara Tirtha

Pindara Tirtha

pandu pindara tirtha

This place has its own history connected with Great Mahabharta. Actually, the Pandu name is taken from Pandavas. A huge family in the Mahabharata era.

The village tirtha is  6.5 KM from Jind. Pind offering to Pandavas. Pind Daan is an offering to the dead elders. It mainly consists of cooked rice mixed with black sesame seeds. Small dumplings of this mixture are offered to crows.

These birds are believed to be the representatives of Yama (God or death) or the agents of the dead. This Pind offering of Pandavas done here was a major part of Mahabharat. Here are a Pandu pindars temple and a tirtha where after pind offering all devotees takes a bath in this holy pond.

6. Herbal Park Jind

Herbal Park Jind

Herbal park jind

Herbal Park Jind Is not Much Famous but this is the only place where you will feel better in the city’s center Because it is full of trees, green flowers & Nature-loving people like you & me. When you are tired by running all day while exploring jind and you are back again.

at your hotel room that’s not enough. This place will make you feel better because there are no crowd horn sounds. Locals of jind come here to do some workout lite running evening walk and best place to do some outing in jind.

I often go there when I feel depressed or tired by doing hard work. Wild traveling I Haryana roadways. There are famous street food stalls and restaurants outside of the park. Where you can try many things in the evening. I try many things Cholla Bhatoora, Golgappe, Hotdogs, Cholla Samosa,

7. Hazrat Gaibi Sahib Narwana

Hazrat Gaibi Sahib Narwana

Every Monument temple or structure has a magical history in India. This place Narwana has a unique name that is derived the name from Nirwana which means salvation. Hazrat Gaibi sahib place is basically a tomb of this famous Sufi saint Hazrat Gaibi Sahab.

It is believed that Hazrat Gaibi sahib disappeared mysteriously from that place no one knows where he went. After this story of being disappeared is very popular today after that incident their people made a tomb and a temple lie structure there.

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